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One Step Beyond offers three different types of swim clinics throughout the year:

Beginner Swim Clinics focus on breathing patterns, comfort, and the key freestyle techniques for swim training & improvement.  Beginner to Early Intermediate level.

Powerstroke Freestyle Technique clinics are in-depth classes on swim mechanics and methods for speed and power improvement.  Includes videotaping and feedback.  Early Intermediate to Advanced level.

Open Water Training clinics are conducted at lakes, oceans, and bays and cover all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to improve your ability and confidence in open water.  All levels.

Our upcoming clinic schedule:

May 21 – Beginner Swim Clinic -100-330PM in Cary

June 4 – Open Water Clinic – 800-1100 Jordan Lake-Apex

June 25 – Open Water Clinic – 800-1100 Kure Beach

July 9 – Open Water Clinic – 800-1100 Harris Lake-New Hill

July 16 – Powerstroke Technique Clinic 1100-530 PM – Cary

This high school season I had my athletes practice visualization techniques both as a group and individually.  Visualization is a powerful mental training tool that  enhances an athlete’s ability to overcome obstacles and perform at their highest potential.

Visualization – as far as athletics go – is the practice of imagining your competitive scenario and ‘seeing’ the outcome in the most positive manner for yourself.  It can help improve confidence, improve reactions to adverse conditions, and reduce performance anxiety.

Like every other technique you work on, it takes practice to calm the mind and see this vision from start to finish.  The best time to do this varies.  The key is to approach the visualization process with a quiet, calm mind.

A few quick steps:

  • Find a quiet spot, comfortable position, and focus on your breathing.  Empty your mind.
  • Imagine yourself at the start of your race.  Try to feel your muscles and hear the sounds of the race.  Imagine that you feel fully rested and powerful/strong.
  • Start the race.  You may want to imagine different scenarios, or focus strictly on the best scenario.  Personally I like to run through a best scenario, and in later sessions see a few where I overcome various obstacles (flat tire, slow start, and so on).
  • Feel the effort level during the event.  Imagine everything is working perfectly, smoothly, ‘effortlessly’.
  • Watch your competitors unable to maintain your pace.  You accelerate alone or with only 1-2 still with you.
  • Cross the finish line with a surge and a win.

Savor your mental performance and make it part of your experiences going forward.  The mind is a powerful tool, and the memory of a visualized performance can feel just as real to the mind as the memory of a real physical performance.

Confidence in your own abilities is a huge part of peak performance.  By huge, I mean, gigantic.  It can help to have a coach guide this process.  But after a few sessions you should be able to do it on your own.

You can read more at the following links:

Effect of Mental Imagery on Sports Performance  – A Plessinger
Visualization for Sport Performance  – E. Quinn
Mental Imagery – B. Mac

Marty Gaal, CSCS, is a USA Triathlon and USA Track and Field certified coach and co-owner of OSB Multisport Coaching

213 Members Strong!

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Special Happy Hour coming up on Friday, April 29th at 6 pm.  We will be returning to Tir na nOg in Downtown Raleigh.  Info/Map.  Our sponsor, Navigon Financial Group, will be buying appetizers around 6:30 pm.  Don’t miss out on the free food.

Around 9 pm, many from the team will be heading over to the Lincoln Theater to see The Garland Mason Band and Ponderosa perform.

Navigon Financial Group is providing complementary financial analysis for current team members.  This analysis encompasses your protection, savings and growth components of your financial plan.  They have also offered to be an educational resource for the team.  Please contact Matt Greenan or Jonathan Self at 919-941-6235 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The Summer Party and Fun Extravaganza will be on Sunday, June 5th beginning at 4 pm:

Join your IOSDT Teammates for the our annual summer party.  The Burgess family lake is the perfect setting for us.  BBQ and sides will be provided by our sponsor – Margaret Struble.  The Garland Mason Band will be performing a slew of new songs.

Prizes will be provided by Inside-Out Sports and DELTA Triathlon.

Pack in your swimsuit, towel and goggles to swim a few laps, or just hang out in the water or on the beach.  Bring your own drink(s) and chair(s).  If you have a favorite side or dessert to share that would be great.   Be prepared to test your Cornhole skills against real athletes.

SO’s, and Kids are welcome, but please RSVP the correct number.

Directions: from 540 go North on 401/Louisburg Rd 7.5 mi., then Right on Jonesville Rd. for 1 mi., then Left on Upchurch Rd to the end.

Please RSVP so that Margaret knows how much food to buy for us

Team Photo Contest:

Win a pair of Zipp race wheels!!  Each time you compete in an IOSTS, Finish Strong or other event, wear your IOSDT team kit and submit a publishable photo of yourself to  Each race and photo equals another chance to win.  The winner will be drawn at the end of season party in December.  You must be present to win.

Jonathan Armstrong won the Cervelo P3 for the 2010 Season.  Congratulations John!!

Team Calendar:
On the team page – check out all the team training, clinics and events – click here

We need your feedback, what is the best way for us all to arrange regular small group workouts? Facebook? Forum? Email list?  Email Todd with suggestions.

Hanging Out At The Races:

Bring your folding chairs and join your teammates under the team tent at most races.  It is easy to put up and take down.  email to reserve it for your race.

The team trailer turned out amazingly well.  Many thanks to Mike Wells of Wells Design Build and Bryan Rierson of Rierson Photography for a job well done.  Look for the smiling faces of Margo Pitts, Edde Burgess, John Mitchell, Erin Cutrell, Erin McKee and Todd rolling down the road.  Lawrence is installing racks for eight bikes.  

Team Clinics:
The Minimalist Triathlete Clinic with Coach Alex McDonald, MD and Pro Triathlete from Fast Forward Triathlon– Wednesday, May 25th, 6:30 pm at Inside-Out Sports in Cary. FREE to IOSDT members. Please RSVP to  This is nearly full.  If you wish to attend please RSVP to the facebook invite or to Alex right away.

  • Race faster while training Less
  • Maximize the physiologic Benefit of each workout
  • Train hard and maximize recover
  • Optimize your annual training and racing sched

Team Clothing:
We have received a new shipment of Jerseys, tri-shorts, cycling shorts, warmers, visors, hats, socks, hoodies, & beanies.
Go by Inside-Out Sports to pick up yours before they run out.  All of the team stuff is available to us at or near cost – which is sweet.


We have made a small order of Brooks run shorts and tops in mens and womens sizes.  They are currently being printed by Progressive Graphics and should be ready in about a week.  These will go quickly.  Come in to the store to grab yours as soon as they are ready.

Team Discounts:

  • Sign up for FS Series Events, owned by Finish Strong and receive a 20% discount.  For the discount code – click here
  • Inside-Out Sports – 10% discount (5% on bikes) and 5% cash back at the end of the year
  • InMotion Orthotics – Custom Orthotics (see details here)
  • Athletic Edge Sports Massage – First hour at half hour price, then $10 off thereafter
  • OSB Multisport Coaching – 10% discount to new clients and 20% off of Powerstroke DVD’s and Clinics
  • HEAT Studios – 15% discount on all classes – email with the dates/times you would like to attend and he will hook you up.


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Team In Training, LLS is a Great Cause


If you want to become a better triathlete or runner, you have to have a willingness to suffer. The word suffer does not need to have a negative connotation. Although the official definition is to undergo or feel pain or distress,  it can also mean allowing yourself to push beyond your comfort level. Our comfort level is just that – comfortable. It’s working hard, but not hurting too much. It’s breathing hard, but not uneasily so. Willing to suffer can help you break through those barriers.

But how do you do it?

Train yourself to suffer

You have to suffer in training. There is no way around it. We all have goals for the season (at least, I hope we all have goals for the season), and these goals need to be at the forefront of your mind when you need to make it hurt. Training with others can also help push you past places you haven’t been, or don’t usually go by yourself – the hurt locker.

Every training session should not be a suffer-fest. Key training sessions, breakthrough workouts, and workouts that your coach marks “Do not miss this one!” are the ones where you need to focus and be willing to suffer.

Growing up, there was a very well known high school running coach in my area. I remember reading an article about one of his best athletes who had just had an amazing race. When asked how she had such a breakthrough performance she said, “Coach told me I needed to run with PAT today. Pain, Agony and Torture.” Now that seems a bit extreme, but the idea of it has never left me. Be open and embrace the discomfort – yeah, okay PAT, I’m ready to run with you today.

Suffering takes experience

Experience is needed to know how and how much to suffer. Everyone’s perceived pain tolerance is different. I was once told that if something hurt, that was your body’s way of telling you to slow down. I was completely baffled by this idea – how will you ever make any athletic gains if you don’t ever allow your body to hurt? But my hurt and your hurt may be completely different. Training at different effort levels, at different paces and heart rate zones can all help us develop our own internal guide. All of this will help when you get to your races, but pure racing experience is tough to simulate. So get out there and sign up for some races!

Suffering in races

Suffering in racing can be easier for some folks, but here’s the thing – you can’t expect to show up to a race and put up with racing discomfort when you have never put yourself in that type of discomfort in your training. Magic doesn’t just ‘happen’ on race day. You wouldn’t show up to a race and expect to swim fast if you haven’t swum fast in training, right? Aha – caught some of you. It’s time to go throw in some really hard intervals on short rest in the pool! 😉

As mentioned above, every race does not need to be a suffer-fest. This can lead to burnout very quickly. That’s why it’s good to have ‘B’ and ‘C’ races where you may be dialing down the effort, working on something specific, or just not worrying about your finish and simply having fun. When you toe the line for your ‘A’ race, though, you’ll be ready to go to that proverbial well.

Check your ego

This is an interesting quote:  “Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily…” I can relate this quote to many aspects of training, but it also resonates with racing. Have you ever gotten close to the end of the race and seen another competitor up ahead? You can dig really deep and try and beat them to the line. It’s going to hurt and, and – gasp – what if you fail?! It would be so much easier to just sit back here in this comfortable position and finish. But, so what if you don’t catch them? You have shown yourself that you’re not done racing until you cross that line, no matter what the outcome may be.  And of all the outcomes that could happen…failing to try your best is definitely NOT going to be one of them.

Mental Tricks

There are many different ways to handle suffering other than just telling yourself to suck it up. If fact, telling yourself, “suck it up,” is so intangible it may not help at all.
Remove yourself from the situation. I don’t mean in a way that causes you to lose focus on the task at hand, but in a way that you can put some of the discomfort your feeling toward the back of your mind.

I remember reading that when Shalane Flanagan won the bronze medal in the 10K at the Beijing Olympics, she imagined she was doing one of her hard runs on the Tobacco Trail. There she was, vying for a medal in arguably one of the most important races of her life and she’s mentally putting herself on a trail where she knows she’s had fantastic runs and can stay relaxed, rather than getting wrapped up in the high pressure moment.

Focus on specific form cues. Having short mantras you can repeat can get your mind focused on something that will enhance your race, while also alleviating negative self talk. Here are couple of examples I will use. During the swim: “Reach…and pull” During the run: “Quick feet, elbows in.”

Develop some of your own form cues to concentrate on

Come up with small goals. Sometimes you may need to resort to bargaining with yourself: you can walk at the next aid station, or, run 3 more light poles, walk 1, run 3 more. These little goals can help break the race and/or training down into doable parts when you’re having a particularly rough time.

Draw confidence from some of your hard training sessions. “I got through that horrible bike workout where coach had me do multiple 20min rounds at Z4…I can get through this!” or “Remember those mile repeats you nailed? You were strong then and you can be strong now.”
Run with PAT.

Finally, I need to stress that when I’m talking about suffering and pain, I’m referring to workout discomfort, NOT injury pain. There is a big difference between pushing your body to make physical gains and knowing when to stop because you’re going to hurt yourself. As an endurance athlete it is extremely important to understand when to say when…and when to not say when. Sometimes this only comes through experience, but often times it comes from listening to your body and responding appropriately.

Coach Bri Gaal of One Step Beyond is certified with USA Triathlon and USA Track and Field.  She has suffered a lot over her athletic career, in a good way.

Bodywork Connections and Brit Fit Personal Training are offering a “Partner Stretching” class on March 12, 2011 9:00 am – 11:00 am.  This class will provide detailed information on Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching (PNF)  and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) both done with a partner.

Bring your spouse, friend, kids, workout partner, or someone that will help you in your stretching program.  This is open to anyone, at any age. This is a great time to train your kids in proper stretching. Please share this email with neighbors, friends or anyone that you think might be interested. Injuries are generally from OVER stretching (or the inability of the muscle to stretch thereby ‘tearing’.)

Flexibility is the key to Injury Prevention. Cost is $30.00 per pair, refreshments & educational materials provided. Class will be at our 1100 Holly Springs Road Suite 100 location. Wear Comfortable clothing, yoga mats encouraged. Call to register for the class: 919-567-5371.

Also, March 20, 2011, Bodywork Connections will be helping Athletic Edge Sports Massage at the American Tobacco Trail Marathon. We know many of you will be out there running so make sure & drop by to say “hi” or jump on the table for some cool down work. Have fun!!!
Welcome Spring with open arms!!

Bodywork Connections: Sara, Donna and Theresa
Brit Fit: Jackie Miller
Schedule Now!

Bodywork Connections
1100 Holly Springs Rd Suite 100
P.O. Box 184
Holly Springs, North Carolina


An Afternoon
with Dr. Jack Daniels
May 1, 2011
1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

@ Human Performance Consulting Athletic Lab
1823 NW Maynard Rd.
Cary, NC  27513

  • Ingredients of Success
  • Principles of Training
  • Aerobic Profiles
  • Planning a Training Season

Dr. Jack Daniels has been called the “world’s best coach,” by Runner’s World magazine. He is currently the head coach of cross country and track at Brevard College in Brevard, NC. Dr. Daniels has been named the National Coach of the Year by the NCAA, which also honored him as the Division III Women’s Coach of the Century.

During his 35-year coaching career, Daniels has coached 30 individual NCAA Division III National Champions, eight NCAA championship teams, and 130 All-Americans. Daniels has also coached five Olympians in men’s and women’s distance events and two sub-2:10 marathoners. Among the runners he’s worked with are Jim Ryun, Alberto Salazar, and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

An accomplished author, he has written four books, the most recent being the 2nd edition of the popular Daniels’ Running Formula. He has also written more than 50 articles published in scientific journals and frequently contributes running stories to popular magazines.

Before Brevard, Daniels was the head distance running coach at the Centre for High Altitude Training at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Throughout his career he has been a featured speaker at coaches’ clinics, running camps and symposia.

One of his special interests is the effect of altitude on training and racing. In 1968, he served as the altitude consultant to the U.S. Olympic Track & Field team for the Mexico City Olympics.

Daniels came to coaching after achieving greatness as an athlete himself. In the modern pentathlon, he was a member of the Olympic silver and bronze medal teams in 1956 and 1960.

Registration: General Public: $50 until April 17 $75 after April 17 USA Triathlon Coaches (with 5 CEU credits): $75 until April 17 $100 after April 17 Seating is limited. Early Registrants will be eligible for a drawing for a free pair of shoes. (4 pairs to be given away courtesy of Raleigh Running Outfitters.)

Payment @ Payment @ or Jack Daniels Coaching Clinic Or mail check to: AA Elite Coaching Ltd. 77 Lily McCoy Lane, Pittsboro NC 27312 Include Name, Address, Email, Phone and USAT # if applicable.

For More Information: Contact Andrew Allden @ or 919-619-3426

We have 83 Returning Members and 77 Brand New Members Signed Up Thus Far for 2011.  (160 not bad so far)

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Team Happy Hour:


Join us for our regular team happy hour every 4th Friday at 6 pm.  The next one will be March 4th at Tyler’s Restaurant and Taproom in Durham.  If you are one of the special teammates from Chapel Hill, Durham or parts west, this is especially for you.



Team Calendar:

On the team page – check out all the team training, clinics and eventsclick hereusername: IOSDT password: TEAM

  • Swim Clinic – FREE Swim Clinic on April 24th from 2 – 4 pm with Bri and Marty Gaal of OSB Multisport Coaching, RSVP to
  • Nutrition Clinic with Chris Newport – Scheduled Soon
  • Running Shoe Fit Clinic – Scheduled Soon
  • Group Riding Skills Clinic – Scheduled Soon

We need your feedback, what is the best way for us all to arrange regular small group workouts? Facebook? Forum? Email list?  Email Todd with suggestions.

Team Clothing:

We have received a new shipment of visors, hats, socks, hoodies, & beanies. Go by Inside-Out Sports to pick up yours before they run out.  We also still have a large selection of race suits, team jerseys, vests, warmers, Long-sleeve T’s.  All of the team stuff is available to us at or near cost – which is sweet.


We have a team happy hour every 4th Friday.  The next one is Friday, March 4th at Tyler’s Taproom in Durham.  We usually alternate between the Carolina Ale House and Stonewood Grill in Cary, but may be mixing it up this year.   These are popular bringing out between 30 and 60.

We will be having a spring/summer party with a date TBD.  Look for announcements soon.


Team Discounts:

Sign up for FS Series Events, owned by Finish Strong and receive a 40% discount

The 40% discount continues through February – Don’t miss out on this and sign up now.

The discount code is on the team page – click here


Inside-Out Sports – 10% discount (5% on bikes) and 5% cash back at the end of the year

Athletic Edge Sports Massage – First hour at half hour price, then $10 off thereafter

OSB Multisport Coaching – 10 discount to new clients and 20% off of Powerstroke DVD’s and Clinics

HEAT Studios – 15% discount on all classes – email with the dates/times you would like to attend and he will hook you up.

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