About DELTA Triathlon

DELTA Triathlon’s goal is to foster the growth of the endurance sport community by helping athletes, of all types, realize their individual goals.  It would be easy to say that DELTA is Todd and Nathan Spain; however, DELTA is truly the community of it’s readers, contributors and those athletes who pound the pavement, climb the hills and churn those laps.  Whether you are a multiple Ironman veteran, timidly considering your first race, or somewhere in between, we want to be part of your fan club and resource pool.

Based in Cary, North Carolina, we draw viewers from across the triangle.  With the addition of social networking tools like twitter, our following is growing across the country.

Delta has many meanings that include: change; triangle shape; and fourth in a series.  For many of us, perhaps all of us, fitness and competing is about change.  What we do is more than a sport – we live it and breathe it – it is a lifestyle where change comes from choice.  We are choosing to change our bodies – to go faster or farther than perhaps we ever thought we could.  Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book “Something More”, states that Change comes through Crisis, Chance or Choice.  We Choose to pursue this lifestyle.  With luck, we’ll avoid Crisis and hopefully Chance will be kind to us.

You may have also noticed our site “tag line” – Swim…Bike…Run…Passion.  Passion is the fourth in this series.  Most of us share the commonalities of training hard, the enjoyment of racing, the lifestyle choices we make, and the life balance challenges we each face.  But, we all share passion.  And, passion builds community.

I hope you see the passion in DELTA Triathlon.  Come join us – make it yours – make a better triathlon community.  

Thank you for reading,

Todd Spain
, Editor

  1. Hi Todd,

    My name is Pierre Morisseau and I work with Inasectv.com, an online social network.
    We recently shot a video about Ironman Training. I think that your viewers would really enjoy seeing the show.

    The video has a lot of energy and gives a great feel for what the sport is all about. If you’d like to post a link or embed the video on your site, please let me know so i can get the info over to you.

    Here’s the link to the show so you can check it out for yourself:

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best Regards,


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