Group Cycling Skills Clinic – To Benefit LLS – Register Now!

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Cycling, Information
Learn to enjoy group riding, while raising funds for LLS!

Questions: Are you new to group riding?  Are you afraid to ride closely to other riders?  Do you find pack etiquette mystifying? Are you planning to ride your first large century ride this year?

Answers: Join us for a group cycling skills clinic and learn how enjoy the true pleasure of riding in a group with other cyclists.

When: March 4, 2012  (March 11th weather date)

Time: Noon to 3PM

Location: Thomas E. Brooks Park, 9008 Green Level Church Road, Cary, NC (near USA Baseball Complex)

Cost: $25 per person (The best part is that this is a fundraiser for LLS and your entry will be tax deductible.  Make checks payable to LLS.  Extra donatations are absolutely appreciated)

Registration: Please email to register.

Coach: Todd Spain is a 33 year cycling veteran, has organized and led hundreds of group rides, taught dozens of group cycling clinics, co-founded The Peloton Project to promote cycling safety and is the founder of the IOSDT triathlon team.

What Is Included:

  • Bike Equipment Evaluation
  • Bike Fit Assessment
  • Rules Of The Road
  • Hand and vocal signals
  • Cycling efficiently
  • Riding a straight line
  • Riding in close proximity to other riders
  • Braking, acceleration and cornering
  • Drafting
  • Paceline riding
  • Special group circumstances
  • Spatial awareness
  • Nuances of the pack

This three hour class will include about one hour of group discussion, one hour of skills practice and one hour of practicing together on the open road.

If you can’t make it, please consider a donation to LLS at Todd’s fundraising page.

  1. Peggy Hoffert says:

    Hey Todd.
    I’m interested in your group cycling class. My experience with group rides is this: we all chat it up in a friendly way before the ride, we all start off together and chat a bit more, then after a mile or two warm up, the entire group picks up speed, leaving me to finish the ride by myself. That gets very frustrating. If the group intends to drop a 15 mph rider, then I’ll just give a donation and stay home. Any thoughts?? Peggy

    • Todd Spain says:

      Peggy, I can assure you that this clinic will not be this way. I do agree, however, that far too many group rides have this tendency. My best advice is to choose your group rides carefully. Rides with a specific group leader, who actually know how to lead a group and have the desire to keep the group at the advertised pace, are your best bet. I would ask your friends, the shops from which they leave, and the advertised ride leaders what the actual characteristics of the ride are.


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