End Of Season Tips by Bri Gaal

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Information

As we near the end of the season, and many of you are zeroed in on your ‘A’ race, keep these important tips in mind:

Get your rest! Rest and recovery are as important as the hard workout you just did. Do not neglect this – plan for it just as you plan for many other aspects of your training.

Eat smart.  You know the difference between bad eating and good eating. Make healthy choices which will allow you to refuel and recover so you can perform at your best.

Listen to your coach and ask questions. Don’t add in an extra workout, take out workouts, or switch things around before you run it by your coach. This could be said for your entire season, but it’s most important right now where a lot of thought has been put into your training plan with specific workouts and rest periods to get you to the start line of your big race in the best possible position.

Keep the big picture in perspective. Even though you are probably at your best possible shape going into your ‘A’ race, you will still have off days. Don’t analyze these too much and lose confidence. You have put in a lot of work of the past months and that is more important than one run that you didn’t hit your target pace.

Brianne Gaal is a USA Triathlon and USA Track and Field certified coach and co-owner of OSB Multisport Coaching

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