IOSDT Team Update – October 4, 2011

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Information

301 Members Strong!

New To The Team?    Start Here, Then select the IOSDT Team Members Page

Be sure to LIKE:  IOSDT on facebook,

DELTA Triathlon on facebook, & Inside-Out Sports on facebook 

Meet the IOSDT Advisory Board and their Assistants:

Your board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM.  Each board member has a special area of responsibility toward running the team day to day.  Please don’t be shy in offering your opinions or offering to help.  Their email addresses are above.  Our collective goal is to make IOSDT great for you!  You can email the entire board at:

Many thanks to Vivian, Mike, Floyd, Anastasia, Julie and Doug for stepping up.

Get ready to celebrate IOSDT’ers!!!

The end of the year party is being planned so mark your calendars!!! On Sat, Dec 3rd we will be partying down at HEAT to celebrate another successful year! This is a party NOT to be missed! More details to follow…. If you are interested in being part of the planning extravaganza, please email Anastasia Trueman at!

Team Photo Contest:

Win a pair of Zipp race wheels!!  Each time you compete in an IOSTS, Finish Strong or other event, wear your IOSDT team kit and submit a publishable photo of yourself to  Each race and photo equals another chance to win.  The winner will be drawn at the end of season party in December.  You must be present to win.

View the IOSDT Team Photos Here

Team Calendar:

On the team page – check out all the team training, clinics and events – click here

We need your feedback, what is the best way for us all to arrange regular small group workouts? Facebook? Forum? Email list?

Email with suggestions or events to add.

Team Clothing:

Julie Paige Paddison, with the help of Julie Haight, is currently designing the 2012 team kit.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please email and let her know.  We plan to publish the new design as soon as it is ready.

All of the team stuff is available to us at or near cost – which is sweet.

We have received an order of Brooks run shorts and tops in men’s and women’s sizes.  We also have more visors.  They were expertly printed by Progressive Graphics and are available in the store.  These will go quickly. 

Team Discounts:

Please Support Our Team Sponsors:
Inside-Out Sports, Crazy Cool Triathlon stuff
DELTA Triathlon, cool videos, great advice, complete multisport calendar
Knott Berger and Miller, Attorneys for Justice
Progressive Graphics, Seriously cool custom screen printing
Navigon Financial Group, Financial Planning Services
Silver Dollar Design, Beautiful graphics and web design
Margaret Struble, Realtor
Todd’s Blog, yeah, that’s my blog and it’s kinda cool, too

And Our Team Partners:
Fast Forward Triathlon, Alex McDonald, MD
OSB Multisport Coaching, Marty and Bri Gaal
Britfit Coaching, Jackie Miller
Finish Strong, Amazing event production
Athletic Edge, Sports Massage
Highly Effective Athletic Training – HEAT Studios
InMotion Orthotics, Custom orthotics
Rierson Photography, Amazing photographs
Team In Training, LLS is a Great Cause

Hanging Out At The Races:

Bring your folding chairs and join your teammates under the team tent at most races.  It is easy to put up and take down.  email to reserve it for your race. The team trailer turned out amazingly well.  Many thanks to Mike Wells of Wells Design Build and Bryan Rierson of Rierson Photography for a job well done.  Look for the smiling faces of Margo Pitts, Edde Burgess, John Mitchell, Erin Cutrell, Erin McKee and Todd rolling down the road.  We have racks inside to transport up to 8 bikes.

Inside Out Sports Delta Team Board Meeting
Agenda and Notes
September 21, 2011
Inside Out Sports at 7:30PM

Board Attendees: Cid Cardoso, Jr., Todd Spain, Doug Robinson, Floyd Cook, Mike Wells, Anastasia Trueman, Julie Paige Paddison, Julie Haight (partner), Vivian Adams

Meeting called to order at 7:35PM

My Train Local: Todd Spain
•    Discussed using MyTrainLocal as primary communication vehicle for team member updates
•    Action: Each Board Member to visit Board to vote within 30-60 days

E-Mail: IOSDT E-mail addresses were assigned for those interested: Todd Spain

Liability Insurance and Waiver: Options discussed for IOSDT and team members. Doug Robinson to pursue options

Budget: Floyd Cook
•    A portion of the $2,042 may be allocated to an estimated $1,000 liability insurance
•    $1,000 is allocated to the end of year party
•    Action: Board members are to submit their ideas on how to spend the balance of $2042
•    Action: Open a checking account
•    Floyd Cook to review budget at upcoming meeting

Register IOSDT as a business at County Courthouse: Floyd Cook

Sponsors: Floyd Cook
•    Todd sent sponsor list to Floyd
•    Discussed need for unique proposition for sponsorship levels
•    Action: need new and renewal sponsors list by 11/1/11 for team clothing printing

Team Clothing: Julie Paddison and Julie Haight
•    Decided to maintain our red, black and white colors for recognition
•    Excess inventory list provided to Julie.
•    Action:
•    Team clothing and member kit ideas need to be finalized by 10/31/11. Determine order quantity.
•    Sugoi order placed by 11/15/11
•    Sponsor decisions and logos in artwork by 11/15/11

Recruitment: Doug Robinson
•    Discussed ideas on how to better showcase and promote our new member kit and website
•    How to utilize our trailer and tents at upcoming events and encourage volunteer participation
•    Idea: Pick up to 6 events and call these IOSDT events and offer incentive to bring and set up the trailer and tent at those events.
•    Action: Doug to conduct future business meetings and advise on bylaws

Survey, Membership: Mike Wells
•    Survey to determine why people join IOSDT?
•    Do members feel they receive good benefits from their membership?
•    What added benefits would you like to see?
•    Offer incentive to complete the survey such as a IOSDT water bottle
•    Goal: Build new membership that are active in our programs
•    Goal: How to best communicate the value of membership
•    Action: Board to submit ideas to Mike for questionnaire survey. Goal is to complete and approve the survey and survey members by 10/5/11 (2 weeks)

Social: Anastasia Trueman
•    $1,000 allocated for end of year party. Date tentative 12/3.
•    Discussed ideas: Heat Studio, Fashion Shows, Happy Hours
•    How to address a membership that is spread throughout the Triangle area
•    Action:
•    Finalize end of year party by 10/15/11 in partnership with sponsor arrangements
•    Coordinate with Vivian to get the word out

Communication: Vivian Adams
•    How to best communicate
•    MyTrainLocal to be voted on
•    Action: Issue team update by 9/28/11

Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM
Next meeting: 10/19/11 at IOSDT

Respectfully submitted,
Vivian Adams

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