PR Coaching Masters Swim Instructional Programs

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Swimming, Training Information

Master’s Swim Instructional Programs:

PR Coaching is offering a range of swim programs during the month of March and April at Triangle Aquatic Center.  All programs consist of 4 x 60 minute sessions starting on March 22nd and running until April 14th. You can choose from three unique programs, tailored to your individual needs.  Whether you would like to learn how to swim or are looking for ways to swim faster, one of these programs will work for you. The learning begins in the pool but doesn’t stop there. Each swimmer is provided with a swim workout to practice on your own during the week (via email). The swim workout is intended to support the work you did during each coached session. In addition, you have unlimited access to me should you have any questions or issues that need to be explored.

After deciding which program suits your needs, please bring a pair of goggles and a swim cap (to protect your hair from the chemicals – although swimmers with very short hair can go without the cap) to the coached sessions. Men should wear jammers or a tighter fitting suit (no board shorts please- they create a lot of drag and slow down your learning).  Tri shorts are also acceptable, but be aware that the chlorine breaks down the fabric quickly. The cost of each program for one session/week is $80.  If you wish to attend two sessions/week the cost is $150.  Drop in fees are $25.  Swimmers must be 16 years or older.  Exceptions can be made.

Beginner Program:
This swim program is designed for the true beginner in mind. If you have always wanted to learn how to swim for fitness or triathlon but never learned how, this program is for you. Participants in this program are typically not able to swim the length of the pool when they begin.

Start Date: March 23
Session Times:  Wednesday  11-12 am.

Advanced Beginner Program:
This program benefits the swimmer who is capable of making it across the pool without stopping but still has some fear and breathing issues that are mostly due to a less efficient swim stroke.  Swimmers in this program will learn how to become more comfortable in the water and be provided specific drills to help promote a better ‘feel’ for the water.

*Start Date: March 23, or March 24
Session Times:  Wednesday 12-1, Thursday 6-7am
*Please choose on session, or you register for both

Intermediate Swimmers:
This program has the swimmer who can complete 100 yards in about 1:50-2:15.   This swimmer has been working at his or her stroke for a while but can’t seem to make any improvements.  Each swimmer will get individualized drills to key in on stroke inefficiencies that might be slowing progress.

*Start Date:  March 22 or March 24
Session Times:  Tuesdays 6-7am, Thursday 7-8am.
*Please choose one session or you register for both

Advanced Intermediate Swimmers:
This program has is for the swimmer who can swim 100 yards in 1:30-1:50 and is looking for ways to become faster.  This program runs at the same time as the In
Intermediate Swim Program.

*Start Date: March 22 or March 24
Session Times:  Tuesday’s 6-7, Thursday’s 7-8
*Please choose one session or you register for both

Please copy and paste the Registration Form below into another document and fill in the information.  You can email your document to or send it in the mail with your check to PR COACHING, 305 Palace Green, Cary NC, 27581.  Please also include your Informed Consent which is attached to this email.  Space is limited – registration is first come first serve basis.

PR Coaching Instructional Master’s Programs Registration
Contact Phone:
Emergency Contact:
Session Start date:
Session Time Slot:
Total Amount Enclosed:

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