Ironman Packing Checklist: The OCD Version

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Information, Nutrition, Training Information

Ironman Packing Checklist: The OCD Version (click to download)

Racing an Ironman Triathlon is a bit like an expedition to Everest.  It takes months of training and a LOT of stuff.  Deciding what to bring and actually assembling all this takes some serious thought and time..

The Ironman Packing Checklist is a very comprehensive assemblage of what to bring, where it goes and includes checklists to help you relax your mind and prepare for the big day.  The format is Excel so that you can edit and adjust for you.

Other great Ironman Resources from the DELTA Triathlon Content Library:

Selecting Your First Iron Distance Event by Todd Spain

Ironman Pacing by Marty Gaal

Training The Minds Eye by Rich Strauss

Train Your Head by Rich Strauss

Mental Focus for Ironman by Rich Strauss

Ironman Race Rehearsal by Todd Spain

Aero Helmets: The Best Place To Buy Speed by Todd Spain

How To Prevent Hyponatremia In Long Distance Events by Monique Ryan

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