8 Week Beginner RunFit Program – Susan Pantlin, PR Coaching

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Information, News, Running

8 Week Beginner RunFit Program

There are differing and sometimes conflicting definitions of “best running form.”  I believe that this has much more to do with strength and structural differences of individuals than theories of biomechanics.  Athletes who participate in this nine week program will enjoy an integrative approach to run training that will first develop  muscular strength, power and endurance so that we can safely and effectively learn how to put our bodies into an efficient running form that doesn’t hurt.  If you are a beginner runner or have never run at all this program is perfect for you. The program runs from Sept 13 – October 30th (last coached session).  The cost of the program is $90.  Participants will receive discount coupons from Inside Out Sports for running shoes and attire.

Program Structure:
Athletes participating in the RunFit program will begin with a progression of specific exercises to do at home to strengthen primary and stabilizing muscles needed for proficient running.  At home exercises will be demonstrated during *coached sessions to ensure that they are being executed correctly.  We will explore the concept of “barefoot running” and learn how this practice may or may not be a safe approach for you.   In addition, athletes will be educated in the process of purchasing an appropriate running shoe which will help to prevent injury to the body (and the wallet). Eight weekly plans with specific workouts will be provided to ensure success in this program.  If you are interested in joining this program with a specific race already in mind I will be happy to provide a different template to help guide you toward a successful event.

*Coached sessions will be on the following dates/times/locations:  (please allow for some flexibility)
•    Sept 18th- 9:00am Bond Park Community Center Parking lot
•    Sept 25th- same as above
•    October 2nd- Same as above
•    October 6th- 9:00 am Umstead State Park- Parking lot on Harrison
•    October 16- TBD
•    October 23- TBD
•    October 30- TBD
•    Additional Shoe Clinic at Inside Out Sports – TBD

These sessions will last between 60-75 minutes.  We will work on muscular strength, power and endurance.  We will NOT be running at all during the first 2 weeks of training.

Coach Susan Pantlin is a 12 time Ironman Finisher including the World Championship Triathlon held in Kona.   She has an MA in Exercise Physiology with minors in biomechanics and sports medicine. Contact her at prcoaching@nc.rr.com for registration.  Deadline is Friday September 10, 2020.


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