IOSDT Team Update – August 2010

Posted: August 29, 2010 in News

Membership: The IOSDT Team is now at  158 members.

Stay In Touch: Follow us on facebook at IOSDT.

Party With Your Teammates
: The next Team Happy Hour will be on September 17th at the Carolina Ale House in Cary at 6 pm.

Win A Cervelo P3
: Be sure to submit your race photos in the IOSDT team kit to for a chance to win the Cervelo P3 at the end of season party in November.

Bike Clothing: Our second custom team cycling order has shipped from Sugoi.  We expect it to be ready on Wednesday or so.  We will keep you posted.  If you missed the pre-order, we ordered extra.

2011 Season Plans: We are busy making plans for next season.
•    Registration for 2011 will open on November 1st
•    We are developing a very attractive sponsor package and there is much interest from a wide variety of businesses
•    Most 2010 sponsors will be returning
•    Team member benefits will definitely be expanding
•    Most plans should be finalized by the end of October

We Need Your Feedback: The working plan is to have two registration packages for 2011.  We will keep the current Tri-top, LS Tee, bottle and such for new members and also offer a returning member package.  We have several questions for you.  Please, email me with  your thoughts.
•    The  2010 team registration was $79.  How important is it that this be about the same for 2011?
•    What would you like to see in this returning members package?
o    Hat/visor?
o    Triathlon bag?
o    Transition mat?
o    Socks?
o    Running singlet?
o    Running shorts?
o    Short-sleeve T-shirt?
o    Others?
•    Is there other custom clothing which you would like to be able to order ala carte?
o    Jacket?
o    Hoodie?
o    Beanie?
o    Other?

Advisory Committee: We are planning to establish an advisory committee which will consist of 2 sponsor appointed members and 3 teammates.  Email me with folks who would be good at this.  You can nominate yourself if interested.
•    Advise Todd on cool factor
o    Clothing
o    Parties
o    Events
o    Other stuff

Please Support Our Team Sponsors:
•    Inside-Out Sports, Crazy cool Triathlon stuff
•    Knott Berger and Miller, Attorneys for Justice
•    Progressive Graphics, Seriously cool custom screen printing
•    Silver Dollar Design, Beautiful graphics and web design
•    Margaret Struble, Realtor
•    OSB Multisport Coaching, Marty and Bri Gaal
•    Finish Strong, Amazing event production
•    DELTA Triathlon, cool videos, great advice, complete multisport calendar
•    Todd’s Blog, yeah, that’s my blog and it’s kinda cool, too


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