Washington Half Distance Triathlon – October 30, 2010

Posted: August 11, 2010 in News, Race Information
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Race Description

The Washington Half Distance Triathlon is the first half distance race for FS Series.  The Washington Park community has embraced the triathlon and are very excitied to welcome participants from all over the US.  The town has many wonderful restaurants, fine dining and variety of activites for families.  This race will be spectator friendly, with family and friends, having multiple chances to see you on the bike and run course.

The 1.2 mile triangular swim will be in the Pamlico River, a river off the Pamlico Sound.  The water is salty and has little current.  The great part about the swim is the transition area is less than 50 feet from the water.  The average April water temperature is 68 degrees.  The swim is sure to be wetsuit legal.

The bike course will be a flat ride through Beaufort County.  The 14 mile turnaround will also be the water bottle handoff.  The bike will consist of 2 Laps, with participants coming all the way back to the transition area.  Participants will receive a custom band to after there first lap and they must wear the band when entering the transition area after the bike.

The run course is an flat out and back 2 lap course in Washington Park and River Road. The course will have some shade and some areas will be exposed to the sun.  The surface will all be asphalt.  Participants will receive a custom race towel that will be the towel they use on the run course.  Aid stations are provided at each mile mark on the run course.  The aid stations will have a variety of products including hammer gels, heed, and water.  More information about the aid stations will be available as we get closer to the event.  The finish line is across the street from the transition area.

The race course revolves around a transition area next to Washington Park Waterfront. The same transition area will be used for all phases.  The transition area will open at 5am; ALL bikes need to be placed in position before the transition area closes at 6:45am.

Cut off times:

Swim     1 hour and 30 minutes
Bike        5 hours from your start time
Total       8 hours from your start time

Race officials reserve the rights to pull anyone of the course that will not meet the time requirements.

Pricing Information

Washington Half Pricing:

Before 10/01/2010
Individual: $120.00
Relay: $175.00

After 10/17/2010
Individual: $140.00
Relay: $195.00

The last day to register online for the Washington Half is Sunday, October 17, 2010. On-site registration may be available if this event is not full, but your best bet is to register online.

A $10.00 fee (for USAT race day insurance) will be added if you are not a USAT member.


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