Aero Helmets: The Best Place To Buy Speed

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Cycling, Product Reviews, Race Information

There is no better investment to buying triathlon speed than an aero helmet. A corroboration of studies from Texas A&M University to M.I.T. has accurately quantified the benefit of tear drop shaped aerodynamic time trial helmets. The results vary as to the actual time savings, but the end results are unanimous: An aero helmet saves time. Conservative studies show time savings that range from as little as 30 seconds to as much as 2.5 minutes over 25 miles (an Olympic triathlon bike distance).

This equates to 2.5 to 12.5 minutes over an Ironman distance ride.  Thus reducing the 112 miles to an equivalent of 1o7 or less, in terms of watts used.  For me, getting off the bike at 107 sounds way better than 112.  As importantly, valuable energy is saved, which can be utilized in the run.  Some studies have indicated as much as a 6+ mile savings over 112 with an aero helmet.

Most podiums are separated by less than 3 minutes.  An aero helmet could get you in the photo or on to the top step.

The real value of this research becomes obvious to the middle of the pack triathlete when you start to compare dollars to time savings. Nothing saves more time for less money than an aero helmet.


Buy the fastest gear you can afford, but remember that comfort and power on the bike are paramount to anything you add to it.  For return on investment, make your purchases in the following order:

  • Aero helmet
  • Skinsuit
  • Front Wheel (deep dish – the front has a larger impact on aerodynamics than the rear but, the deeper the wheel the more difficult it is to control in the wind)
  • Rear Wheel (solid disk is best, but also more difficult to handle in the wind and the most expensive)

Watch the Video with Cid Cardoso, Jr. and Todd Spain discussing Aero Helmets

Read the Louis Garneau Rocket Product Review by Cid Cardoso, Jr.

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