Riverwood 2009 Race Report by Aneis Andreoli

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Race Reports

Today’s 400+ was by far the biggest race I have done…. but I just looked at  next weekend’s White Lake sprint… 680 WOW!!!!  So anyway, back to today…
Got there early enough to get everything done…. but still managed to forget to eat the bar I brought.  So I ate a gel right before the swim… this gave me some kind of acidy feeling in my throat the rest of the race but was tolerable.
The swim was fast and I think I beat my Roanoke Rapid time so that was great!!!  The bike was hillier than I thought and longer than I thought.  They sent out an email saying it was cut to 12miles but it was the full 14.  I purposefully used my right leg more to keep from overusing my left knee.  This is what slowed me down, especially on the hills.  But knowing I was racing again next weekend, I didn’t want to risk really hurting my knee today.  That said, I still pushed it as HARD as I could on the bike today… it just wasn’t enough.  The run was great…. really HOT!  And the first time I ran in the heat this year.  It was hilly but not up, down, up, down like Roanoke Rapids.  It was all down then all up, with some flats along the way… perfect really because it gave you time to recover from the bike (and getting the running muscles loosened) before you had to run up the hills.
My times, by my watch, were:
swim 5:55
T1 1:53
bike 48:03
T2 1:07
run 26:21
Total 1:23:21

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