Lake Anna Race Report by Laura Spell

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Race Reports

A Bad (well, not Bad just did not go well) Triathlon is Always Better Than Staying at Home…..

The plan, to get up Friday morning have breakfast and take a leisurely drive to Lake Anna, pick up my race packet and case the course, head to the hotel, have a nice dinner, watch a little TV, and go to bed. Then wake up have my normal pre-tri breakfast, have a leisurely drive to the site, set up, relax, get a warm up swim in, have a good swim with the normal 1st 100 yards of hell followed by settling in, nice bike ride, and run my normal 4 min run 1 min walk intervals and finish a comfortable slow Laura race …

What really happened, Otis (my quadruped child) had a cyst rupture late Thursday afternoon and had to have surgery Friday morning. At the insistence of my mother I was still going to go to “That” Triathlon and she would take care of Otis but, I decided I would not leave until I picked up Otis and everything was ok. Everything was OK, so off we headed to Richmond in 5:30 Friday afternoon traffic. Got to Richmond about 10:00ish and checked into Hotel, having had a Subway on the road for dinner, not recommend as a choice pre race dinner. As always had trouble sleeping. Lucky the race did not start until 10:00. Woke up and had my normal oatmeal and blueberries, coffee, and sports drink pre Tri breakfast.

We made our way to Lake Anna. Wow! what a beautiful day I could not have ordered better weather. Oh did I mention there is only one gas station between I-95 and Lake Anna and we almost ran out of gas! But we made it! Arrived and went through the regular hub-bub packet pick up, body marking, transition set up.

Ok I was ready. I did my wetsuit dance and got into my wetsuit (no easy task) and then at the advice of a friend I poured tepid water into my suit before getting into the water (slows the cold water entrance and your skin is already wet and the lake water does not feel as cold, it helped I’ll do it again) the Lake was 60 degrees it took a minute to get used to it and then I got my warm up swim in.

Headed to the starting corral. 4th wave and I was off. Pretty normal swim for me took a while to get into a rhythm but, when I did all was well and I was on my way. It was going to be a good day. I made it to transition and Had a little trouble (well a whole lot of trouble) getting my wetsuit off my lower legs had to sit down and have a little tug of war but, I escaped. And, I was off on my bike…then my legs started to cramp but, after a few miles they decided to give up and feel better so that the arches of my feet could cramp up for the rest of the day. I could barely push down on my pedals without feeling like railroad spikes were being driven through my feet. Finished my bike ride pulling up, only, on my pedals for the rest of the ride….arrrggg I knew I was in trouble for the run. Back to transition… My feet hurt so bad I had 2 options; 1 call it a day or 2 take a nice 6 mile walk ……and since quitting is not an option and finishing is….only 1 option I was off for my walk on the outsides of my feet. I still had hope that the cramps would give way….they did not even after tightening, losing, taking off my shoes trying to massage my feet….an hour and 40 mins later I crossed the finish line.

Feet hurting like a SOB and they still do but, in Laura’s world Finishing is Winning and Did I mention the weather was beautiful and Its always better to have a not so good day on the Tri course than to stay at home!!!

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